How to contribute

Getting started

To work on the CLIP OS project, you should start with the toolkit environment setup instructions.

Bug reports

Bugs should be reported as issues in the bugs repository on GitHub.

Submitting patches and code review

We use Gerrit to review changes for the project. You may submit patches at (see Gerrit’s User Guide if you are new to Gerrit).


A GitHub account is required to log into this Gerrit instance.


In order to push commits for review, you need to use an HTTP password randomly generated by Gerrit. Please note that you can not use your GitHub credentials to push changes to Git access is only provided over HTTPS (i.e. no SSH).


You should use as the manifest URL for repo init (see toolkit environment setup).

You may also init the master branch as follows:

$ repo start master --all

Low difficulty issues

We have tagged some issues with the good first issue label to help you identify low difficulty tasks for first time contributors to the project. You may find them in the bugs repository.

Continuous integration

We use GitLab CI to automatically build CLIP OS and the projects composing it. The GitLab CI configuration is available in the CI repository, the build status can be tracked on GitLab and the build artifacts for each pipeline are available at

Discussion space

Discussions about the project should happen on our Discourse instance at Please ask questions there and feel free to submit ideas. You may log in with your GitHub account.

Please contact us before committing time on an issue or a change to make sure we will be able to integrate it once completed.

If you have specific questions, you may also send a mail to