Source code for clipostoolkit.cosmk.exceptions

# SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later
# Copyright © 2017 ANSSI. All rights reserved.

"""CLIP OS toolkit exceptions"""

import shlex
from typing import List, Optional, Union

[docs]class CosmkError(Exception): """Base exception for all the other cosmk related exceptions. This exception can also be raised when the error is unknown or unhandled by the tool.""" pass
[docs]class CosmkEnvironmentError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when the runtime environment does not meet the requirements to run properly (*e.g.* a system utility command is missing).""" pass
[docs]class UnexpectedRepoSourceTreeStructure(CosmkError): """Exception raised when the repo directory structure does not match what is expected or when the ".repo" directory cannot be found in the underlying directory tree of the current working directory.""" pass
[docs]class InstrumentationSpecificationError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when the "instrumentation.toml" drop-in file is badly formatted or has unexpected content.""" pass
[docs]class ProjectInRepoSourceTreeInUncleanState(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a project within the CLIP OS repo source tree is not in a clean state (*e.g.* unstaged elements).""" pass
[docs]class RepoSourceTreeManifestParsingError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a ``repo`` manifest file has an unexpected XML structure or cannot be parsed as valid XML.""" pass
[docs]class SdkNotFoundError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a target requires a SDK which cannot be found because it has not been bootstrap (*i.e.* built) yet.""" pass
[docs]class SdkBootstrapError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when an error occurs while bootstrapping a SDK image.""" pass
[docs]class SdkError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when an error occurs inside a SDK container.""" pass
[docs]class ProductPropertiesError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a product has a bad "properties.toml" definition.""" pass
[docs]class RecipeConfigurationError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a recipe has a bad "recipe.toml" definition.""" pass
[docs]class RecipeActionError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a recipe has a bad "recipe.toml" definition.""" pass
[docs]class SystemCommandError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a system command (such as ``mount(8)`` or ``losetup(8)``) fails. Reason should be provided as arguments to the exception.""" def __init__(self, command: Union[str, List[str]], reason: Optional[str] = None, stdout: Optional[str] = None, stderr: Optional[str] = None, stdouterr: Optional[str] = None) -> None: # stringify the command if ever provided as a subprocess command list if isinstance(command, list): self.command = " ".join([shlex.quote(arg) for arg in command]) else: self.command: str = command if not any([reason, stdout, stderr, stdouterr]): raise ValueError( "A reason of failure or an output of the failed command must " "be provided.") self.reason = reason if stdouterr and (stdout or stderr): raise ValueError( "You cannot provide both a mixed output (stdout+stderr) and " "on the same time either stdout or stderr.") self.stdout = stdout self.stderr = stderr self.stdouterr = stdouterr def __str__(self) -> str: text = "Command {!r} failed.".format(self.command) if self.reason: text += "\nReason of failure: {}".format(self.reason) if self.stdout: text += "\n v-- stdout --v\n{}\n ^-- end of stdout --^".format( self.stdout) if self.stderr: text += "\n v-- stderr --v\n{}\n ^-- end of stderr --^".format( self.stderr) if self.stdouterr: text += ("\n v-- mixed output (stdout+stderr) --v\n" "{}\n ^-- end of output --^").format(self.stdouterr) return text
[docs]class ContainerSnapshotError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when a container sesssion snapshotting fails.""" pass
[docs]class VirtualizedEnvironmentError(CosmkError): """Exception raised when an operation on a virtualized environment (*e.g.* a `libvirt` "domain", a network configuration made by `libvirt`, *etc.*) cannot be pursued or has failed.""" pass